Thursday, August 23, 2012

But, but… It is a secular riot….

Riot #1:

There is stunning silence on the violence in Assam with the perpetrators euphemistically called as “Bangladeshis” cloaking that is a straight out communal one perpetrated by Muslims against local BODOs. Bodos are reduced to a minority their land and way of life completely destroyed and once the Muslim population reaches a critical mass, regular fatwas are issued controlling everything from festivals to holidays. The “secular government” turns a blind eye to this, even disobeying the supreme court, bypassing it to create several loopholes in the citizenship act, right from “national population register” instead of enumerating non-citizens and enabling them to vote, illegally.

Today the “Assam CM, Tarun Gogoi” to his party’s media front (NDTV) mentions that you can’t compare Assam riots to Gujarat as the latter is communal and state sponsored. I wonder, why if he or the NDTV channel which keeps parroting this line, are not handing over the “firm evidence” they have to the SC or to the SIT ? Leaving that, if Assam riots are different as Gujarat riots were communal, then by definition the Assam riots are secular. So what is a secular riot ? If minorities kill Hindus in India it is a “Secular Riot” !!! It is a shame that Burqa didn’t quiz him on this, don’t hold your breath for that either…

Riot #2:

Recently there is lot of brouhaha over the “promotion” (== sacking/shunting) of Mumbai’s Police Commissioner. Watching this report has been a real comedy of sorts…

To give you context, recently a mob of muslims ran riot in Mumbai, though there was no local provocation of any kind. They assembled with petrol cans, steel rods, knives, machetes etc. in Azad Maidan and let loose. Set upon the minimal police presence with almost 50 police personnel grievously injured. Police had to resort to mild firing. The moron of the police commissioner, decided to act – but against the policemen who fired to control the mob. There were intelligence reports, people traveled with their weapons including rifles in local trains for almost 45 mins from their places of worship to reach Azad Maidan.

They completely desecrated the War memorials, damaged the flags; there were folks who were waving Pakistani flags as well. In any other civilized society the organizers would be behind bars, probably charged with sedition. But, this is “sickular” India. It took a Raj Thackeray to bring this problem to focus and launch a counter protest.

Now under pressure and other political expediencies the police commissioner has been moved out – that too with a promotion ! What an example for other officers to follow. The shocking thing in the whole episode was the column and comments of Mr. Javed Anand, if he is a respected journalist in Mumbai then god help that city and its framework. He actually says “The police in the past has been biased against the minorities, this is the first time they dealt with it in a secular way”. He is a pro-congress man, so if any of you had any doubts as to what secularism means for the congress and its allies (the NDTV brigade) there is no clearer definition. This also explains the rationale and (ill)logic behind the “Communal Violence Bill” proposed by the government.

Please educate yourselves, throw out these bastards come 2014 elections.

My post on the dangerous communal violence bill proposed by the Italian is at

Monday, August 13, 2012

"Fight Corruption but not the corrupt"

Well, does the above make sense to you ? If you are logical like me - it wouldn’t. Guess to whom it makes perfect sense… The Congress party (for known reasons) and to the 3Idiots (obvious but not yet known reasons) !!!

“Baba has become political”, “Baba has been unmasked”, “His movement is right wing” and then onto the usual “Hindutva forces are rallying and we need to be vigilant”, ‘Minorities are not in this fight” … ad nauseum. The 3Idiots do one up on party spokesperson themselves… The only competition amongst the 3Idiots is not for TRP ratings, but who can lick Antonio Maino’s feet clean and fast…

It is always not a very smart idea to fight an issue without fighting the perpetrators of that issue. Somehow this simple logic eluded Team Anna, the morons in that team started off very well, the media was also their ally as long as Anna said “Sonia has written a letter of support” and kept on appealing to her, the perpetrator, against the actions of PC, KS and SK. Each time Anna’s team was focused on mythical corruption issue and shied away from the fight against the corrupt at the heart of the nation (the UPA). They were also busy collecting pseudo secular points from the 3Idiots, by equating BSYeddurappa, Bangaru Laxman et al with Antonio Maino’s team and unfoundedly bringing Narendra Modi into the corruption net, even the congress failed to do that in Gujarat Elections. Trust me, what the former two have done is not even an hourly rounding error for the Italian’s team.  When fighting crime, you should get to the core of the rot and in that no one will have any doubt as to where the rotten core is… which is the Italian. Team Anna was rightfully abandoned by the constituency. They still haven’t learnt from this … Let us confine them to the dustbin in the fight against corruption.

Baba on the other hand, realized that you have to fight against the corrupt else you will become irrelevant. Despite all hurdles including the pliant media (to the Italian that is), successfully organized the protest. Declared “this most corrupt government has to go…” he categorically stated that the “fight against cleaning up the corrupt has to start with the Congress…”. That is it, all hell broke loose the Media is back to specials, wondering how a political movement will succeed in fighting corruption, with Hindutva thrown in for “liberal measure” – pun intended.

I am sure Sibal will come on NDTV with an upturned nose and declare that corruption is notional. Wait that is not it, I am already very excited with anticipation as to what Mr. PigVijaySingh will say in Azamgarh, on this. Ha, the real benefits of my life in India now…. When life itself is a comedy, what else you need…. !!!!