Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Having the Cake and Eating it too....

The rejection by Antonio Maino, (Sonia Gandhi) to provide her tax
returns, exposes her hypocrisy not just in fighting corruption but
exploiting it to the hilt. As chairperson of NAC she enjoys Cabinet
Rank. There is no hesitation on her part to hide behind that and
require Subramaniam Swamy to obtain sanction from the PM to prosecute
her for corruption. But, ministers have been required to declare their
assets etc. along with many others who contest elections.

Now, when her returns were sought for under the RTI fact, Antonio
Maino conveniently "forgets" her cabinet rank and her privileges
instead raises concerns about "personal freedom and privacy" and
refuses to provide them. She is clearly having the cake and eating it

Either you resign from NAC, give up your cabinet rank and agree to
prosecution by Subramaniam Swamy, or provide your returns...

Why is the media not raising much hue and cry at this hypocrisy ?

Monday, February 27, 2012

A tale of two anniversaries....

Two anniversaries that you will read about in the media… and the two you will most definitely not....

It is that time of the year again, where in the NDTV brigade will display provocative photos and so called (Radia tape in-famous) Burqa reporting from “front lines” again. Yes, I am talking about the Godhra anniversaries. Yes, there are two of them according to the media…
1. Ignorable, that of 56 innocent people (some very young children) getting burnt in a conspiracy
2. No way in hell this can be ignored, national shame etc.. blah blah on retaliatory riots that broke out all over Gujarat, same lies in the form pregnant women butchered and foetus ripped out will again be repeated ad nauseum by the NGO factories, led by Teesta. Pogroms/Genocide will all be brandished as well. As usual, with no shred of evidence.

Amidst, this comedy show, you can bet the one anniversary that they will not even talk about… Yes, it is also the 10th anniversary of “riot-free” GUJARAT.. Yes, for the first time in Gujarat’s history this has happened. Not even a minor one… Hmmm..

Yes, I know, Kashmiri Pandits are celebrating the 40th anniversary of genocide/pogrom that happened which led to them becoming refugees in their own land, yes, no rehabilitation packages for them either… They are also hoping for some coverage…

Burqa - Any Plans ?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Movie Review: Love Failure (Telugu) or Kaadhalil Sodappuvadhu Eppadi (Tamil)

Once in a while such movies are made…. A must watch…

My family recently watched the Telugu version of the movie starring Siddarth and Amala Paul. It was a brand new experience, with the director showing his mastery by deftly blending in Documentary style, first person narration and flashback all rolled in seamlessly. Yes, it is predictable but at the same time keeps you on the edge of the seat as well.

Can love succeed only if the couples are Made for Each other? This is the question the director Balaji has answered (penning the story/screenplay as well). The movie remains true to the spirit of the short film the director had made as an amateur (on youtube as well). The movie is believable because each and every one of the characters is believable and the audience will feel them as one amongst them. The college students look real like any other college students and not the unrealistic portrayal you seen in run of the mill movies. Even the parents, are real with the right deference between a husband and wife called out. How differences in this deference, lead to failure of a relationship or its success is beautifully portrayed by the Director.

Siddarth, through whose eyes this move is narrated, has acted superbly. I was surprised by the acting talent of Amala Paul, whose sensual side was all too evident in Vettai, Bejawada etc. She just looks any other kid you will see in a college and such a natural assimilation is there in every character. How affection develops between them and because of how you care about some individual and want to lean on them -- how you can mistake the circumstances and situations are all well captured.

The director beautifully captures how the mind of a boy and a girl in a relationship work and how these fundamental differences in thought & approach lead to misunderstandings and even failure in a relationship. All portrayed with maturity, apt humor and intelligent filming. The reconciliation that happens between amala paul’s parents who are in the brink of divorce is exceptionally captured.

A total family entertainer, that educates you but not preachy and tugs at your heart. Hats off to the team, that delivered this. Especially to Siddarth for having the courage to produce this as well. Please encourage such efforts by seeing the movie in theaters.

Instead of Made for Each other, try (re)Making yourself for the other is the message… Amen to that.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Election Commission or (Ensure Congress win UP)Election Commission ?

As a lay man, I am unable to comprehend why the election commission is behaving as though it is "powerless" and have to run pillar to post in the very own government, which is committing one wrong doing after another. The EC has shown spine, in the past, when it comes to BSP symbols etc. but just retreats into a "letter writing mode" when it comes to Congress. Consider this, desperate to wean away the muslims, the party has promised -- quota, in its manifesto, knowing that such a provision is unconstitutional the law(less) minister launches into a promise spree and when issued notice launches into a tirade and the EC does nothing but write a letter. Now where are the tigers that have roared in the election commission,how many of you recall the ban and disenfranchisement of Bal Thackeray. Can anyone tell me the difference, it is just that in one case it was Hindu appeasement and here it is Muslim appeasement. Now emboldened by the "friendly" attitude of EC, Steel minister has started the same thing. Already PigVijay Singh is on a crusade regarding "batla house encounter" furthering Antonio Maino's strategy of not only appeasement but even create a fear complex amongst minorities that the Indian state is somehow out to get them. It is disappointing that the self appointed secularists and media in particular is doing very little to highlight this dangerous game that congress is playing... Who can blame them when even the EC is afraid of Antonio Maino.....

Very disappointed

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

For God’s sake, shed your arrogance Mr. Sibal...

I have been reading about how our HRD minister has gone about
browbeating the states into accepting the ISEET exam. He is displaying
the same arrogance with which he has been exonerating folks involved
in various scams in the union government, giving instant judgments in
scams and “consensus” decisions regarding ISEET. He would do well to
answer the following questions and give official and firm commitments
instead of the usual “notional” concepts he is used to dealing with
when defending the government.

1. Why two exams are needed? (basic & advanced)
2. Who will admit based on advanced test, will it left to each
state/deemed university or college to decide?
3. Why there is no firm plan to conduct these exams in all official
languages of India?
4. Why syllabus that is common across various boards not a basis,
instead of forcing it to be based on CBSE only?
5. If CBSE only is going to be there why is he not giving two more
years for states to start with the batch that will join now and start
participating from 2014?
6. What about Minority Institutions and Deemed Universities, will they
be forced to abolish their own exams and admit only based on ISEET?
7. When these tests are conducted, there is normalization across the
whole nation, with state specific ranks also given. Then where is the
need for additional weight-age to the board marks?

Instead of answering such basic questions and espousing common sense
understanding he arrogantly declares “Consensus” when states are
openly expressing concern (AP, Bengal etc.) and outright opposition
(Kerala/Karnataka/TN etc.).

This will lead to another round lengthy litigation only in the Supreme
Court, this UPA government has displayed total contempt and arrogance
for the states, ISEET now joins the long list of issues which include
NCTC etc…

Too bad, that what could have been of big relief to students is going
through these pains simply because of Sibal’s arrogance….