Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dayanidhi Maran signed up as Brand Ambassador… by BSNL for $1Billion !!!

Dateline: Delhi, 23rd January 2015: 

In a stunning move, completely baffling Brand Gurus the state owned and heavily loss making BSNL, known for shafting its customers with poor service, signed up Dayanidhi Maran as their brand Ambassador for $1billion with a onetime payment with immediate effect and for life, by beating out several rivals including a combined bid of $500 million by all other private telecom operators….

When asked, the CMD of BSNL said, “We and Maran have long standing relationship, dating back several decades with a high point being in 2007 when Maran had 323 high-speed ISDN lines installed totally impressed with our service. In fact, BSNL had given an extraordinarily deep discount by agreeing to bill him for only one line’s usage”. He also added that “This super human being managed to make 41 lakh calls in a month in a single line that too in a single month !!!! Someone must have loved us so absolutely and so unconditionally to make this many calls. Considering the fact that he was making frequent trips to Delhi as minister it is even more remarkable…. Who better to personify the great value that we bring to customers than Mr. Dayanidhi Maran ? He quipped….”

When asked why the hurry he with a smug smile he said “With CBI tightening its noose around us and Maran -- both of us may not be around as free men to make this deal in the future !!”

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