Wednesday, January 2, 2013

But they do candle light marches in America...

While, we are all justifiably angry at the death of rape victim, this has fast become another Anna Hazare'ish effort for the media. I am not disputing that we need tougher laws for violence against women, but the problem doesn't begin or end there. 
In rural India conditions for women are abysmal, with women for the larger part have to answer the nature's call either before sunrise or sunset. Yes, imagine living in a colony where there are no toilets anywhere not even communal ones.... Imagine your life as a woman there... 
Now, you still wonder as to why there is lack of confidence in women later in life...? I can vividly recall that during early eighties Charan Singh being blamed for his proposal to build rural toilets. Similar thing happened to MGR in Tamil Nadu as well, by the same elite which is holding candle light marches now, as it is fashionable. 
Unless and until you remember all this during election time, such protests are just sham and are totally useless, politicians have learned to ignore this already.. I have to break the news to you all.....
I have a legitimate reason to be skeptical of this elite as well. E.g. after the Mumbai terror attack, there were candle light marches all over but within 3 months the same set of bastards were re-elected.

3IDIOTS Alert: 2013-001

3Idiots Alert: 

There is likely to be a "Hang Modi" night by our NDTV brigade who are desperate to redeem Rahul baba after the drubbing in Gujarat and bleak prospects in running against Modi for Lok sabha. 

The latest broom is likely to be "Big blow for Modi, SC upholds Gujarat Lok Ayukta" "Governor wins etc..." ad nauseum... 

What are the facts
  • the SC accepted Gujarat government's contention that the governor must consult and act on the advice of the cabinet on such issues. 
  • It upheld the appointment of Justice Mehta as Lokayuktha, despite lack of consultation by the governor (highly corrupt, and being prosecuted by Rajastan lokayukta for landscams etc, Kamla Beniwal) since the chief justice of gujarat HC has also advised for Mehta, it is alright. 
  • Going further, the SC totally expunged caustic comments made on Modi and the gujarat government by HC judge. Agreeing with the gujarat government actually. 
Yet this is likely to be made out to be a big blow for Modi by our secular bridage. For more details on what actually happened read and make up your mind yourself.....
The anti-Hindu, english media poses the biggest threat to our secular character as a nation, please get yourselves educated about them.... You can also refer to