Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Rare gem indeed…(Oh My God…)

I watched Oh My God and went with a very sober expectation (a secular trash, Akshay Kumar slapstick and Bollywood Bikini Bonanza). Seriously, that is all you can expect from Karan Johar inspired clubs that dominate bulk of the movies. The rare exceptions are Salman Khan and Aamir Khan now-a-days. Boy, I was shell shocked by the mature, balanced portrayal of believers vs. non-believers. Seriously, this movie is that good. Don’t believe the secularist media whose reviewers all trashed this movie -- as the main protagonist becomes a believer in god in the end!!! This anathema to this intellectual club and that is the only reason for the pathetic reviews you see in main stream media…

First of all, this is a Paresh Rawal Movie, period. He is there in every frame and makes his presence count. It is an award winning performance, how a common man who was hit by an “Act of GOD” – again as defined by man – goes after GOD ! In the whole mature set of sequences that follow, the movie in a very balanced way cutting across all religions and beliefs puts forth a point of view. The strength of the movie is that it has no bias or prejudice in any frame ! Excellently written script and powerful dialogs that really sink in like an arrow through your heart and mind. Literally, opening a window to the world, people, religion & beliefs.

The person, who most surprised me in the movie is “Mithun Chakraborthy”, his portrayal of Nithyananda+SaiBaba inspired character is awesome. An arrogance of knowledge, a demeaning attitude towards the believers (Whom he sees as those without any other option) are done picture perfect ! Next, Akshay Kumar who portrays a very calm demeanor, without any of his usual slapstick attempts etc. He carries himself as god very well indeed. Though it is portrayed as a serious critic of Hinduism, a rank bad idea for publicity designers, it equally criticizes those commission brokers who stand between you and your salvation. This is a real secular movie which goes after an issue and not any particular religion/faith, hence it is unacceptable to the “secular reviewers”. Ignore those morons, please see it and encourage it.

The most meaningful message is delivered in the end where in despite Paresh Rawal’s effort at educating the public about “religious factories”, the cocky attitude that Mithunda displays when he says “My business will never shut down, as people are not God Loving, but GOD FEARING…!”. That was truly the icing on the cake, amen to that. I am sure that this movie would have been a better choice for OSCARS than BARFI, but then you have to please the NDTV brigade with your choice isn’t it … ?

A rare gem from Bollywood…. See it with teh whole family and encourage it...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

What are the judges are afraid of ?

Recently, the SC pronounced a verdict in the SAHARA case against SEBI and about how the media with certain documents that were leaked did a story. The basis of the case is that somehow the media discussion about the case and public opinion is prejudicial to the SAHARA group.

In the olden days in some states we had a jury system where in Jurors will hear arguments and decide on the guilt or innocence of an individual. Even in that the presiding judge has the power to overrule the jury and pronounce a verdict on his own to prevent mis-carriage of justice.

Now, jury system has been abolished only judges deliver verdicts. Yet, the SC wants restrictions on discussion on cases in courts as it will be prejudicial hence subject to reasonable restrictions. Unless the media says the judge who is hearing the case has some reason not to be on the bench etc. I find it hard to understand how would it be prejudicial. We already have contempt of court as a means to deal with this…
Prejudice can occur only in the case of a bad judge, let us be clear about it. If the SC truly feels that it is a significant problem, then they probably should start cleaning up their own stables, instead of enforcing a tradition of sub-judice. Even sub-judice is not a law but a tradition, which is used by the corrupt to file a bogus case and them pre-empt all responses, by saying “the matter is sub-judice”.
I would have been happier, if instead of restricting free debate the SC had 1. Dispensed away with sub-judice as a notion/tradition completely and 2. Started cleaning up the fallible amongst its bretheren.
This judgment will do more harm than good as it provides (however unintentional) an avenue for the criminals to hide behind the sub-judice curtain. I sincerely hope that a constitutional bench sees the dangers and reverses this decision.