Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thank you Mr. Ameena Khan…

How many of you know Mr. Ameena Khan, recently he did yeomen service to this country. Well, what did he do, is he an RTI activist or NGO King or advocate for minority rights. Well none of that, but he still had done great service to this nation. He blew the lid off as to why Prathiba patil was picked for the post of president by the Italian Maatha.

Mr. Khan is a minister in the congress government of Rajasthan, recently in a some party forum in his constituency, when an issue was raised as to how come people who have worked for the party are not getting anywhere, he candidly replied pointing out the case of Prathiba Patil. He disclosed that in the congress party, more than service to party loyalty to the first family alone will get you places. He thundered “Prathiba Patil, became president because of her loyalty to Gandhis and the fact that She cooked and cleaned in Indira’s kitchen so well…”. Well sit down folks, this is what he actually said. Of course, the “High Command” has acted with alacrity and he has been removed as minister.

On my part, I want to extend sincere thanks to Khan for clarifying what is the unspoken truth in congress party. It is a real comedy, when congressmen express indignation and shock at another recent incident that of a personal security officer wiping the shoes of Ms. Mayawati in UP. Well, what can you say, the BSP students have learnt from great professors in this party of sychopants….

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  1. True. Remember Cho asked at the time of Patil's name suggested for presidentship, "Engendhuda pidichuttu vandhagalo?".