Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Need to be vigilant against Conversion factories...

Look at the scenario,
  •  there is a local protest against a large company
  • the Hindu temple organizes the locals
  • with generous donations from abroad organizes biriyani non-stop
  • Local folks are asked to shut down businesses and are given generous help by the temple.
  • Now the non-functioning of the company leads to huge revenue and societal impact to the state
  • The PM asks his special secretary to negotiate with the Shankaracharya of Kanchi Mutt to get the local temple folks to give up their support for the movement.
Can you all imagine the outrage the Delhi Media would have expressed at this ? Should the situation be any different if instead of Hindu temples the local churches were hand in glove with a very sudden and artificial protest ? Well apparently for our secularists it is different, they aren’t expressing any outrage against the church and its remote control from Rome in the Koodankulam agitation drama. For once, the secular India rose in counter protest and gave the courage to the governments (state and center) literally transplanting a spine. The Church/NGO/Foreign conversion factory nexus stands thoroughly exposed now… Perhaps, realizing the danger that their conversion factory agenda will get exposed, Rome has sent some emergency alerts to Mr. Udaykumar to give up his fast etc. against Koodankulam.  Expect this agitation to get wound up soon.

We need to be even more vigilant against the grand designs of the church, based on this singular episode. Similarly the government needs to crush the church based agitation in Meghalaya which has stopped Uranium mining in Meghalaya, leaving us thoroughly vulnerable to predominantly Christian powers when it comes to fuel supply for badly needed energy plants…

Enough is Enough, national interests should reign supreme over religious interests. Yes, even for minorities this applies…

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thank you Mr. DigVijay, NDTV et al...

There is a god after all…

My Sincere request to all the media is to call in the congress spokespersons a day later, because today their ears must be ringing from the chappal slap they received in four states and UP in particular.

The Media created RockStar, repeated the “Bihar formula” by eating up whatever the Poor Dalit had in the house --  and understandably the Dalit delivered a slap. Defeating the congress -- even in RaeBareli, Ameti and sultanpur. What is even more striking is that the smart UP Bhaiyas ensured that congress has no say whatsoever in running in the state. Now UP state government can really blackmail the central government into getting all the deserved funds. Because the arrogant UPA only understands blackmail.

This campaign thoroughly exposed the Media, who brought in several mythical waves, right from the ridiculous “Rahul Wave”, to “anti Akali wave”, “anti corruption” wave etc. The only wave that actually swept is the anti Rahul Wave that swept the congress out the fake Gandhi’s pocket borough of Ameti, RaeBareli !!! They mistook the 5-star campaign done by Rahul. At the last minute, realized that something was wrong when crowds thronged Akilesh’s but not Rahul’s. Several fake heroes in the form Priyanka and her Husband were brought in. Thank god they didn’t talk about their children. The media stands thoroughly exposed in the shocking bias they have displayed towards the congress.

You all should have seen the arrogance displayed by Prannoy Roy and Sreenivasan jain, who deried Uma Bharathi, ridiculing her for spending time in a temple performing Puja!! I sincerely hope that this channel eventually goes broke.

More than anything else, the heartwarming thing was Salman’s wife losing the election in spite of the blatant communal campaign that was run by her husband the Union Law(ess) minister Salman Kurshid. Also, the public by and large saw through this charade and even Muslims abandoned the congress totally.

Finally my sincere thanks to Mr. PigVijay Singh, because every time he opened his mouth (sometimes even to eat!) the congress lost more votes.

I sincerely hope that this marks the beginning of the end for congress. I am sure that BJP by successfully shooting itself in the foot is trying to do its best to keep congress in business. I sincerely hope that BJP gives up Karnataka and rescues the nation instead…

Thanks from the bottom of my heart, to UP bhaiya, who delivered a decisive blow on behalf all Indians who are upset at corruption, ineptness and Communal politics of Congress…

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Konjam Poruppu Varattum… கொஞ்சம் பொருப்பு வரட்டும்..

The Maami Chronicles: Part 3

Konjam Poruppu Varattum… கொஞ்சம் பொருப்பு வரட்டும்..

Dear all, I want to share with you the latest disease that has been afflicting the Tamil Brahmin community recently… It is remarkable, unexplainable, unfathomable… You can throw in any similar adjective and you will be bang on target with this one… Yes, I want to talk about the metamorphosis that happens in Maamis when a boy attains an age(+qualifications of course) at which marriage becomes a very real possibility -- Maamis, react to this imminent threat (that of another member of their species entering the household) in their own unique way, yes by postponing it as much as possible… This “need” or “tactic” leads to a seemingly genuine expression of concern – which is what this article is about – “கொஞ்சம் பொருப்பு வரட்டும்.. (Let him become responsible first)”.

Yes, just as a tadpole becomes a frog, larva becomes a beautiful butterfly every maami transforms herself into this phase. In fact, psychiatrists will have excellent case studies, possibly leading to Nobel Prize, if they only study the mind of Maamis who have both a daughter and a son to get married. The inordinate hurry to get the daughter married off (கடமையை நிறவேத்தியாச்சு...) will be matched ten folds by delaying tactics when it comes to get the son married. A scary split personality indeed...

Remember, this is the same Maami, that looks for “Tuition” when the kid is in LKG as the board exam is only 12 years away… Or Worry about cable tv or cricket matches as “exams” are only years away, plan everything from “This lecturer coaches for Fluid Thermodynamic expansion paragraph question (yes one question) better than others” to having a caesarean birth (“You know, DOB is a tie breaker to Anna University Rank”) -- plans for that day when the Boy enters college (with Centums galore in almost all subjects except for Tamizh) years in advance. But undergoes tremendous transformation when it comes to getting the boy married off.

What is the responsibility they want the boy to have met ? I have tried to have rational/logical conversations around this but only end up banging my head against the wall of “responsibility”. “Life-ல செட்டில் ஆனப்புறம் பாக்கலாம்” is the universal answer to everything… With total ignorance about how availability of girls in the community has gone down. Though the community doesn’t’ indulge in large scale female infanticide, still most of them once their first kid is a boy, stop having more children. The “younger sister” crowd which is usually around 33% of the girl demographics is by and large gone!!!

Consider this, a boy with all “centums” & finished his BE (of course in computer science), is driven towards masters only because of “Poruppu” -- even with a firm job a car etc. is brainwashed into “Innum Konjam poruppu varattum”. To me, it appears that Hair Loss and lack of fitness will come ahead of “Poruppu”. If Veedu, Caru all are fundamental requirement then trust me 80% of the males only get married at 40+

My Advice, to all youngsters, “Get married a.s.a.p. !”. A partner, who is with you in the journey towards establishing yourselves, is much more likely to stand by you in times of need as well. What is more atrocious is it is not the thought that “My boy has to marry a girl and support her as well, hence I want the basics right” that is behind the whole exercise. You can bet, they want another “Anna University graduate girl, who will not ‘waste’ her education” as the bride…. (== works her butt off bringing in lots of “salary”)

Wake up Young Men (& women too)…..

PS: Somehow, Mama’s (having undergone the pain of a “late marriage”) are more open, than the Maamis who fight it tooth and nail… Hence the focus on Maamis for this article.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Thanks but No Thanks…

To the lawyers in Karnataka, who decided to protest against biased media coverage, first of all my sincere thanks for bringing attention to the totally biased coverage of the media -- which is normally pro-congress and frequently goes into an over drive roasting anything anti-congress. Folks, this is media (especially the English kind) in India.

By, taking to violence the lawyers have committed a stupid mistake. The core issue is now forgotten and “Lawyers” have become the issue because of their tactics. I understand their desperation in highlighting the media bias but any amount of desperation can’t justify this violence.

Please launch an awareness campaign about the media, through socializing and various alternative forums, e.g. I stopped buying “THE HINDU” removed NDTV from my list of paid channels etc… The media only listens to TRP ratings and drop in revenue. So adopt that route and drop such tactics…

Else you will be only furthering the agenda of the NDTV brigade… Now, that should get you listening isn’t it ?

The situation is so ridiculous that the media now interviews the Kapil “I am the best in licking the Nehru Gandhi family shoes Clean” Sibal, and with an up turned nose and frown, he declares “Media is of paramount importance to our nation…” and he is the darling now… In case anyone remembers, this bastard wanted to curb online media, as that is the only medium his Maatha can't control. Isn’t this the exact opposite of what you folks wanted to achieve ?