Thursday, December 29, 2011

One useful outcome due to Anna's agitation

Nice to see recognition that India is a federation of states, in the lokpal debate. Even outside of the lokpal, our union government has systematically usurped the power of states. The latest is a neat trick called NEET, which under the guise of standardization gives the students of Hindi/English medium schools an undue advantage. Let us not stop just now, get rid of so called national exams that recruit folks into various government services, educational institutions etc. Make the union government responsible purely for interstate properties (e.g. rivers, environment), defense and external affairs. Presently, our union government does none of these, ignores the NE states totally, obssess about Delhi and to some extent Mumbai only. Victimises Gujarat. Gutless when it comes to Koodankulam, Mullaperiyar, Telengana etc. This arrogance has to stop. Let us start with by saying that if any exam is national, then it can and must be conducted in all the languages of India.... Only then real integration of India will happen. Diversity is best handled by recognizing it and not by homogenizing it.... Somehow, our policy makers are consistently missing this simple axiom....

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

UPA is UP so(u)p...

The UP election triggered reaction from UPA has resulted in
thoughtless law to provide quota for minorities. In case, you all
didn't know our constitution already provided the freedom to religious
minorities to setup their own religious institutions and admit only
minorities, all totally free from government control. The majority
Hindus don't have that privilege. Yet, despite its almost 60 years of
existence, we need to honestly take a look at what the minorities have
done. Christians open convents and instead of using them to benefit
their fellowmen, they are using them as nothing more than conversion
agenda driven efforts. Similarly, if only the muslims had invested the
money and effort in opening Madrasas in opening engg/medical colleges
where would that community be ? Their leaders are not one bit
interested in taking such logical steps, as they want to keep their
vote bank ignorant and dependant, ready to be exploited by UPA
(congress in particular).

How can anyone explain as to why "Vandemaatharam" is objectionable and
why the UPA indulges folks in that, perhaps, we should enact "Vande
Maathaa Rome" then I am sure the congress will become "secular" and
overrule objections, including from its spoilt minority children.

Thanks to my cousin Ammu for the Maatha Rome twist :-)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Guess Some Maathaas are more equal than others..

When someone painted Saraswati Maatha in an offensive way and the
pictures were all over the internet, our HRD minister didn't get hot
under his collar, displaying righteous indignation. When Sita Maathaa was painted in a sexually offensive way, he didn't bother. When Bharat Maathaa went through the same treatment he didn't bat an eyelid. When seminars were organized by a select club of "intellectuals" asking for sedition of certain states from Bharat Maathaa, he didn't feel it worthy enough even to comment. Boy, now an Italian Maathaa is portrayed in an "offensive (according to him) way", he is blazing hot and jumping all around.

Please don't take him seriously. Please, please don't dignify him by trying to engage him on a debate. Such morons are best left ignored.