Saturday, April 6, 2013

Moron called Justice Katju - Comedy Act - Scene 2

Caution: Fake News:

Mumbai, 6th Apr 2013: Justice Katju filed petitions asking for anticipatory pardon apriori against any sentence that is likely to be handed down for the two builders, Jameel Qureshi and Saleem Shaikh who were arrested by the Maharashtra Police in an unusual display of spine !!!

When asked what prompted him to take his unusual step. Katju thundered "What just because I am PCI council chief, do you expect me to only to attend to the job I am being paid for and clear complaints against the media that have been pending for years... I have been a judge, I am used to dealing with cases pending for 30+ years..." !!! "Plus, I have to be in the face of the media, so whenever they have a hot item I have to be part of the debate".

When asked why this specific case, Katju hit back "99% of the mumbaikars are idiots, just because a building collapses doesn't mean it was a bad job !!!!, plus the builders are Muslims. I personally saw a Muslim builder who was driving his own Mercedes, next to my car on the way to this interview. I was terribly moved what all he had to go through to negotiate Mumbai's Hindu majority traffic !!!"

When asked, doesn't everyone negotiate terrible Mumbai traffic, Katju hit back thundering, "I know how scared they are driving in Gujarat OK, just because they are developing and better than everywhere in India, don't be a fool and give credit to that development".

The reporter persisted "Isn't the building illegal, improperly built with shoddy materials and constructions". Justice Katju with a bemused smile said "You don't know how buildings are built in India, I am personally aware of how Taj Mahal was built !!!!!, how certain builders of that era were patronized by great-great-great-great-grand-parents of Arun Jaitley".

The foolish reported again persisted "But congress is in power in Maharashtra, how come you don't take up the cases of others in this...", katju thundered "I don't criticize senior leaders like Ajit Pawar and the local ward Councillors etc... Plus, do you know that I will be filing for anticipatory petitions against all Mumbai corporation officials, as corruption is a universal phenomenon in India, especially in Gujarat which you know is only a neighboring state to Maharashtra...."

By this time the reported had fainted...

Well folks, this should give you all an idea about the new idiot and "I wannabe a governor before UPA goes..." moron called Justice Katju... Why this is scene 2 in his comedy act, the first one is ofcourse his defense of Sanjay Dutt...