Wednesday, April 19, 2017

English Apartheid...

An almost unnoticeable judgement by our Supreme Court brings forth a very important point...

The court set aside a lower court's judgement as "incomprehensible" not due to any complicated legal points, or difficult to grasp issues, but only due to "incomprehensible English".

Even to a person reasonably fluent in English this judgement is incomprehensible..

See Below a portion of the judgement written by Allahabad HC judge.

Even when I was growing up, I have seen lot of folks who studied in the English medium failing to grasp a subject or failing to communicate their otherwise perfect understanding of the subject, all because of ENGLISH !!

Even now, the kids I teach at home are able to hold their own debate, discuss, understand and convey all the concepts in Telugu well but fail miserably in communicating the same in English!!

The British made English a premium offering to get a plush job and future to make life easy for them. Even after 67 years after independence we are still making it lot easier for them and incredibly difficult for fellow Indians..

It is time each state made the full education spectrum available in the mother tongue of Indians.. Also mother tongue as medium of instruction should be compulsory in early ages at the very least.

This so called "english advantage" is keeping us ignorant of basic sciences, history, geography most importantly our own culture and glorious past!

It is time we reconnected with it and restored what was fully "open source" based knowledge and research... It has been proven time and again that children who study in their own mother tongue excel in whatever they learn..

Imagine if an English knowing common man is treated like this by the arrogant idiots in higher judiciary, what happens to the common man who don't know the language at all.

There is a saying "Never mock a person who has an accented English, it only means they know some other language better...."

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