Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hmm... If Osama has been killed in India....

If Gujarat Police had killed Osama… (special thanks to Ravikumar for having triggered this thought)....

1. The NGO factory, will file one million cases in the Supreme Court asking whether the encounter was legal. How manufactured evidence of Osama’s implication in terrorist attacks and leadership of al-Qaeida has been provided by Obama to Modi and unquestioned Modi ordered the elimination of Muslims in the operation to Kill Osama.
2. Teesta Setlavaad will distribute one hundred million Xeroxed copies to various people, all vouching as to how they “saw” a ‘pregnant Osama’ (sic!) was dragged out, his tummy butchered and the still born baby was killed by Gujarat Police Mobs.
3. Digvijay will hold a press conference in “Azamgarh, UP” deriding the continuous prosecution of Muslims by the US based BJP and Hindu terrorist cops. How he had spoken to Osama personally, before 9/11 and how Osama had assured him that his actions were intended only against anti-Muslim infidels and not Mr. Digvijay singh. How Osama expressed anguish at reported speeches by Narendra Modi during election campaigns and decided to terrorize America!
4. Javed Aktar will come on TV waxing eloquent as to how the Godhra train burning and reprisal was the inspiration for Osama and how Gujarat government is squarely behind it. How not enough Hindus have been killed yet by Osama as proof that he was not a terrorist.
5. Arnab Goswami, will host 100 days long special, as to how Times NOW had an exclusive footage of Osama defecating in the open in the mansion compound and about that Act’s serious implications for the security environment to India! With Digvijay Singh moderating a special panel discussion on how defecation by Hindu Terrorists poses a serious threat to the secular fabric of India.
6. Yuvarajaa, will visit various Madrasas interacting with the youth, reinforcing how Osama was a devout Muslim, asking the youth to emulate him.
7. Italian Maatha will not say a word, remaining aloof and thereby “intellectual” to the NDTV.
8. Manmohan, will announce how his government is to appoint a Sachar Commission (part 2) to find out why Minorities are not having enough share of “terrorist jobs” how according to Digvijay singh, all opportunities are being cornered by Hindus…

Now, aren’t you glad that he was killed by the US forces in Pakistan? Still, Digvijay Singh expresses grief at Osama not being given a proper Islamic burial….. so that he couldn't get his 72 virgins in heaven. God help this nation…


  1. No exaggeration. Digvijay - ultimate. Most of them would have really happened. You have forgotten the so called IPS officer Bhatt.. May be you left out since he would only talk about it after 15 years!!

    While this is hilarious, how long the so called secularists continue this canard against Modi? They have lost elections in Gujarat thrice, in MP twice, what else will stop them?

  2. IPS Officer's statement has been by rejected by the SC today... So a good thing has happened. What is more upsetting is that the media has totally ignored Teesta Setlavaad is xeroxed affidavit, which was given to more than 200 people where in they just signed it and filed it.... I hope she goes to jail for perjury and contempt of court.... Media is her ally so no hope for a media trial....

  3. @ Bhaskar
    Keep up the good work brotehr.
    Dharma and honesty triumphs in the end.

  4. Why no mention of any BJP / Sangh Parivar leaders....!!!!

  5. @gmurali, because what they say on this specific issue would be logical and sane. The thrust of the article is insanity and congress trumps the rest on this issue...