Saturday, November 26, 2011

Welcome to the club ! Justice Kapadia...

Read the paragraph below and tell me whether it sounds familiar !!!

[-person xyz-] has said on Someday that the entire [-professional-] system could not be brought into disrepute because of a few erring [-professional-]s. “We do not mind studied and fair criticism, but attempts should not be made to generalise the wrong doings by a few,” said [-person xyz-] on the occasion of the [-someirrelevantforum-].

“Anybody coming out with allegations against any member of the higher [-profession-] should keep in mind that they have solid material to back it up instead of painting everyone black with the same brush. If you feel that a [-professional-] is corrupt, then take a stand and name him in public and tell the [-chief authority-] instead of making a generalisation. Do not put all [-professional-]s in one basket. Do not bring the entire [-profession-] into disrepute..,” he said.

The [-person xyz-] emphasised the need for uplifting the integrity, excellence and competence of the [-profession-], saying that this would enable them to maintain the confidence and trust of the people. “People have faith in the [-professional-]s and because of the wisdom of the [-professional-]s they rely in [-profession-],” he said.

“If [-professional-]s are of integrity, they will not worry about accountability and the [-professional-] Accountability Bill, he pointed out.“[-professional-] independence is the corner stone of the [-institution-] and for that we need public confidence and public trust.”

Now how many of you feel that you heard this before. Substitute Profession and Professional with whatever you want - be it GovernemntEmployees and Government, or Doctors and medical profession, Politicians and politics !

Yes, it is very apt to the modern Indian setup of today. A new welcome addition to this "club" is judiciary. It is precisely at the attempt to ensure accountability that Justice Kapadia the CJI of the SC lamented the above with Judges and Judiaciary as the combination here... How apt, it is scarily similar....

I would recommend Justice Kapadia, to look into the judge who for unexplained reasons reduced the compensation for victims of uphaar tragedy in Delhi in SC last month. Or look at the list given to him by the Bhushans. Finally, recommend that truth is defense when it comes to contempt of court cases....

Somehow, I don't think this will happen. Maybe he knows a thing or two about judicial corruption amongst fellow brethren in the Judiciary... Else, why he would choose to hide behind this blanket statement that we have heard about all other professions.... He is another MMS, though personally honest they are presiding over a monstrosity that is corrupt...

A new pontiff has arrived on the scene, folks.....

Friday, November 25, 2011

Watch out for the Civil Society – Part 6

Well, folks brace yourselves for another assault - the Churches, NGOs and all JNU professors & Parsi Aunties will be on an overdrive soon. They will be shedding tears for the killing of Kishenji alias Koteshwar Rao who headed the Maoist movement in AP, before being driven out by stern anti-naxal operation by the state police, he has camped in WB and headed the naxal movement there.

This bastard is responsible for killing hundred’s of policemen, thousand’s of civilians have been grievously injured. All development works like roads, schools blasted & new roads halted, cell phone towers blasted, so that critical connectivity to far off areas is destroyed etc. He is in bed with the local churches, whose conversion factories disguised as schools are untouched but the government schools which run in the same areas are blasted. Bottom line, this bastard worked tirelessly to keep people poor, ignorant, away from development and at the same time providing ample opportunities for conversion factories to “harvest their souls”.

He waged an armed & brutal war against the state, plain and simple, period. There is no way of crushing his brutal tactics other than by armed response, which is precisely the government – in an unusual display of spine – did and killed him. Now, all the leftists, churches and their front end NGOs will come all over TV, shedding tears for this “saint” how he was a victim of poverty etc. how development is lacking etc… ad nauseum.

The tolerant media hosts will not ask them the tough questions…

  • Why did they blast schools, killed teachers ?
  • Why roads were destroyed ?
  • Why cellphone towers which provided badly needed connectivity were blown up ?
  • Why their ideology explicitly calls out not eradication of poverty alone, but overthrowing the state ?
  • How come they never contested elections ?
  • Why did they threaten people from voting ?
  • In a democracy, there is no right to sediton, don't they know that ?

But, then you will look “right winger” if you do all that, which is anathema to our media. They are happy with JNU idealogues and Parsi Aunty club….

Ignore them, educate yourself on the atrocities the Maoists have committed. Which is hundreds of orders of magnitude worse than the “bad government” they portray. Hats off to the AP government which said “&^%$ you” to this human rights/ngo/church factory and literally gunned them down and into fleeing the state. It is time rest of India emulated that tactic…

Perfect place for these Maoists to run to will be to China, we would be rid of them and they wouldn’t be allowed to practice “Maosim” and be killed there as well. What an Irony !!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Saint Ishrat Jehan ?

If you watched the Anglo media in India - today, you will notice that a saint was brutally murdered by policemen, for tirelessly working for the benefit of mankind, blah blah etc. How a special investigating team has unearthed the murdering of an innocent girl etc…

What is the truth ? The SIT has called out (rightly so) that the encounter in which she was killed as a “fake”one. I.e. is stage managed. At no stage or report it has called out her as innocent. In fact, the evidence from the Americans (courtesy David Hedley’s confession) and LeT’s own communication has called out that she was an active member training to be a human bomb! Yes, it is not some fundamentalist minority hating politician or puppet police making this claim. Even our own NIA (mind you it is headed by PC) had to admit to this!

Then why is our media reporting so biased and prejudiced. It only adds to the wrong fear complex amongst the minorities that the Indian state is out to get them. For what reason our media is doing this ? I hate to repeat it -- the Italian Maatha needs all the help from the media to win a seat or two in UP, that is it…. The media is doing that bidding…. It gives me shivers to think what Mr. PigVijaySingh will do based on this. Azamgarh, UP is probably being decked up for his next press conference....

This kind of reporting is not unbiased, but furthering their own agenda. Maybe Justice Katju saw a thing or two that we missed…. ?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

(pseudo) Secular sympathy from the media...

How to investigate and how not to investigate…

Folks, consider the situation and answer the questions below…
1. A blast happens in a religious place
2. The state anti-terror squad immediately arrests few youth “solving” the case
3. Political pressure mounts and CBI and the NIA all start investigations
4. The folks who gave confessions allege torture and retract
5. There is a not a shred of additional evidence
6. Investigations are unprofessional and totally botched up.

Now tell me whether the government should be releasing youth ?
Should your release depend on whether you are a Hindu or Muslim ?

Well, if you answered Yes to the first one and No to the second you are fair. Now tell me while I am glad that the muslim youth have been released with prolific apologies from the government, media etc. why there is not a peep on the other set who are going through the same thing ? No one to fight for their cause. Is it because their names are Joshi, Sadhvi Thakur & Swami Aseemanand ?

You can bet you will not be reading about these in the media. Not even the human rights commission will be interested. No NGOs, No Teesta Setlavaad or Arundathi Roy et al. What are you talking about, they are Hindus and it is election time in UP… Is the general feeling in intellectual media circles… as well.

Now do you understand the sympathy from the Union government ? I bet, Digvijay Singh will launch a crusade in Azamgarh UP for apologies from all and sundry. I can’t wait for that comedy show to unfold....

The media is doing a great dis-service to the country by highlighting only one side of the issue. The Italian Maatha should be very happy though, maybe that is all that matters to our Home Minister.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sorry MuKoo, what goes around comes around in life…

In the late sixties (or early 70s), there were reports in a newspaper that the CM of a state was the actual father of an illegitimate child. The opposition raised it in the assembly made a hue and cry the father (CM) filed a defamation case against the daily, totally denying that the child was his daughter and totally denied any illicit relationship with the mother… the editor lacking scientific proof (hard to come by those days) had to apologize and pay a fine.

Folks, want to guess who it is? Who the child is now? Well relax and sit down. The child was named KaniMozhi, the mother was Rajathi Ammal and the father who was then in the birth records is now known as “Muthuvel Karunanidhi”. MGR pestered and campaigned so much that a vexed MuKoo had to acknowledge the fact that Kani was indeed his daughter. Never mind that he committed perjury in a court of law by those denials earlier. The poor editor must have gone through a severe trauma at not being able to legally establish what the truth was. He is probably smiling in his grave at the copious tears MuKoo is shedding for his daughter who is in jail.

Sorry MuKoo, what goes around comes around in Life…. Your so called “suffering” is nothing compared to what that poor editor must have gone through.

அரசன் அன்று கொல்வான், தெய்வம் நின்று கொல்லும்