Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thank you Mr. DigVijay, NDTV et al...

There is a god after all…

My Sincere request to all the media is to call in the congress spokespersons a day later, because today their ears must be ringing from the chappal slap they received in four states and UP in particular.

The Media created RockStar, repeated the “Bihar formula” by eating up whatever the Poor Dalit had in the house --  and understandably the Dalit delivered a slap. Defeating the congress -- even in RaeBareli, Ameti and sultanpur. What is even more striking is that the smart UP Bhaiyas ensured that congress has no say whatsoever in running in the state. Now UP state government can really blackmail the central government into getting all the deserved funds. Because the arrogant UPA only understands blackmail.

This campaign thoroughly exposed the Media, who brought in several mythical waves, right from the ridiculous “Rahul Wave”, to “anti Akali wave”, “anti corruption” wave etc. The only wave that actually swept is the anti Rahul Wave that swept the congress out the fake Gandhi’s pocket borough of Ameti, RaeBareli !!! They mistook the 5-star campaign done by Rahul. At the last minute, realized that something was wrong when crowds thronged Akilesh’s but not Rahul’s. Several fake heroes in the form Priyanka and her Husband were brought in. Thank god they didn’t talk about their children. The media stands thoroughly exposed in the shocking bias they have displayed towards the congress.

You all should have seen the arrogance displayed by Prannoy Roy and Sreenivasan jain, who deried Uma Bharathi, ridiculing her for spending time in a temple performing Puja!! I sincerely hope that this channel eventually goes broke.

More than anything else, the heartwarming thing was Salman’s wife losing the election in spite of the blatant communal campaign that was run by her husband the Union Law(ess) minister Salman Kurshid. Also, the public by and large saw through this charade and even Muslims abandoned the congress totally.

Finally my sincere thanks to Mr. PigVijay Singh, because every time he opened his mouth (sometimes even to eat!) the congress lost more votes.

I sincerely hope that this marks the beginning of the end for congress. I am sure that BJP by successfully shooting itself in the foot is trying to do its best to keep congress in business. I sincerely hope that BJP gives up Karnataka and rescues the nation instead…

Thanks from the bottom of my heart, to UP bhaiya, who delivered a decisive blow on behalf all Indians who are upset at corruption, ineptness and Communal politics of Congress…


  1. I don't think Congress will ever learn any lesson. They will continue to do what they are good at - i.e., being Gandhi family loyalists! The media unwilling to digest the COngress defeat and BJP's success is projecting Punjab victory as Akali victory, Goa - did not even mention it, Uttrakhand - in spite of anti-incumbancy BJP had done well - no mention again. After TN elections, UP electorate had delivered decisive message!

  2. As long as BJP is carrying the burden of Karnataka they have no chance in hell of winning the debate. They should fire all the members Reddy-Yeddy club and clean the sewer that the party has become in Karnataka...

  3. Karnataka politics has always been like that whether it is Congress or JD. So is BJP. But BJP has provided better governance compared to earlier governments. The media to show that they are balanced, took Yeddy to attack BJP. Compared to Himalayan corruption in Delhi, Yeddy's is like St.Thomas mount!. I am not a supporter of Yeddy.