Friday, March 22, 2013

A democracy for the privileged, by the privileged and of the privileged

The chorus for the release of Sanjay Dutt is unbelievable, a new idiot called Justice Katju is spearheading the effort even calling for a pardon -- "as he has suffered for so long in his youth"... The whole bollywood fraternity is rallying, perhaps fearing that many more of them might be down the line.

Claim No One: He is "Innocent" - Sanjay Dutt is a known drug addict, with his father sending him to clinics in the US several times for treatment. Even during that time of blasts in 1993 sanjay dutt said "I have a bit of muslim blood in me, which wanted me to retaliate in reprisal". Plus, storing assault rifles, grenades, guns and ammunition and delivering them in his own car as well... The above two should be proof enough to shut up the idiots who are all shouting now that he is "innocent" and unfairly sentenced. Some innocence that is.... He should be thankful that the appropriate charge of terrorism was somehow dropped in his case....

Claim No Two: He has been "unfairly sentenced". There is another 68 year old lady, Zaibunisa Kazi, who has been sentenced and upheld as well by SC for the same Crime for the Identical period of 5 years. How come her case is not taken up by the Media. In fact, unlike the case of Sanjay Dutt who confessed to the crime no such "confession" exists in her case and Dutt's confession is the one which has convicted Zaibunnisa under TADA !!! Weird logic indeed by the media and Fiberals who are playing fast and loose with the truth.

Claim No Three: If you don't mind throwing up is "He has suffered so much long for 20 years". Well, he has been out on bail all these times, making crores in many movies including Munnabhai chronicles. Bedded at least two women, married one (thank god) and producing two known offsprings. That is some suffering indeed.... I am sure a very unusual privileged suffering that only a person like Mr. Sanjay Dutt can endure !!!

Claim No Four: There is presently several crores riding on him. So what, if the idiots who invested knew that he was only on bail then it is their stupidity. A bail can be cancelled any time, isn't it... The bollywood bastards who invested in him should be prosecuted for stupidity is the only option I see....

If Dutt gets away, it doesn't make us definitely a nation of laws, but one of privileges. A democracy for the privileged, by the privileged and of the privileged.