Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Do you know who is Chitresh Srivastava ?

Quiz time again folks… Do you know who Chitresh Srivastava is ? Don’t feel bad. Other than the Indian government no one seems to be aware of him. He is the Indian manager of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. A study of how the government has gone about the two individuals in the recent foreign currency scam brings to light the attitude of the government and prompts rational individuals like me to wonder, will the UPA stop playing vote bank polities on at least one issue ?

Observe this…

Both the individuals carried foreign currency in the same flight. Both were paid monies by the same organizations, with Rahat as the performer and Chitresh as the manager. They also carried roughly the same amount.

Rahat has pleaded guilty to all the charges, yet our government fails to file even a chargesheet and lets him go and he immediately catches a flight to leave for the emirates.

Chitresh, is facing interrogation, he has not been released. The government opposes his anticipatory bail and indicates that serious hawala networks are behind this. The issues are serious enough to warrant various chargesheets under various sections of law, we are told.

Is it just me, of anyone else equally upset ? Why this different sets of standards for these two individuals ? The Pakistani Muslim is getting the benefit, though he has pleaded guilty; While the Indian Hindu is facing the majesty of law from the UPA government. At the minimum, both individuals has to be treated equally, isn’t it ? What is the basis of confidence for our government that Pakistan will extradite Rahat to us for further trials, when that terrorist nation has done zilch to extradite even the 26/11 perpetrators ?

All the time the Yuvarajaa of the UPA goes around the nation to various campuses, preaching how his government is all inclusive and how no one is left out !

Well tell that to Mr. Srivastava, Rahul…

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  1. Thanks so much for writing this. I really appreciate it. You may never know how your writings may bring immense joy and happiness to someone. Can't thank you enough for writing the truth. God Bless You :)