Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cheating the Poor … Government Ishtyle…

We all have seen “Bharat Nirman” Ads on TV and all over the friendly media. If you believe the Ads each girl in the rural areas gets free education eventually gets admitted into IITs. No matter, the total intake of the IITs is only an abysmal 9000 all over India. These ads all are based on a common theme, you don’t have to study, work the government will take care of you through MNREGA, AaapKaPaisaAapKeHaath etc.. Now the monumental disaster called Food security Bill…

All are clear frauds aimed at “buying” the vote from the ignorant and the poor mainly in rural India. Well, if your vote bank constituency is the poor what will you do, you will ensure that they all stay around and even increase in numbers isn’t it ? That is what precisely the UPA has done. Several southern states don’t get any labour at all for harvest work and it is extremely difficult to get labour for construction work etc. why all because of MNREGA. It pays people to sit around even when there is work around, completely oblivious to seasonal nature of the labor cycle and geography it is implemented with classic baadshah arrogance from Delhi.

To achieve totality in killing the natural human drive to work for a living and work harder to achieve, so that the AamAadmi votebank remains intact, now the food security bill which will cover an astonishing 75% of the population. Well you can’t get a better admission of total failure in governance and poverty alleviation etc. than this bill. The only state where even MNREGA is not being done well is Bihar, leading to Biharis running out in ever larger numbers. With the elite in them joining unproductive sectors of the economy like IAS or government jobs… The CM is always with a begging bowl for “special package/status” non-stop and he is a mascot for governance, gimme a break.

We teach around 20+ children in our home. When we asked that they enroll in the government schools they were denied with the school asking for Aadhaar cards, proof of residence, religion and caste certificate. So much for Sickularism and caste free India. It is precisely these poor homeless who need government schools and they are denied as they don’t have proof of residence under SarvaShikshyaAbhiyan programme administered by a moron in Delhi, who has put in place so much documentary requirement. Of course, they fall into the trap of conversion factories who take them with no questions asked, take them for a ride as well pretending to coach them in English medium with 8 standard qualified teachers teaching classes. There are 3-4 schools in my area along where in the only thing they keep clean is Jesus Statue.

God help this nation, but the only response from UPA would be “which god, Hindu or Minority ?”