Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Do we need a "Christmas giving season ?"

Why is it that most Indian Hindus(including many in my family and friends) have no hesitation in celebrating Christmas, by decorating their house keeping a tree etc. Even those that don't normally take the pains to keep a golu during Navarathri, celebrate Christmas. But the same "secular outpouring" doesn't get them to celebrate Ramzan or ID, which are bigger festivals in India. What makes one religious festival secular is it because it is a festival of the developed world (west in particular) so we want to blindly ape that ?

Worst some folks, take christmas caps, snacks to various Hindu orphanages as "Christmas is a season of giving". Folks, whether you like it or not you are artificially anointing one religion/festival as charitable over the other. Who told you that you can't do charity during Deepavali ? Let us get over this slave mentality where in whatever the british transplanted into India has to be celebrated in a big way. The average middle class indian family which takes care of the generation above and below, often under tremendous stress and financial burden, really doesn't need this fake festival and associated giving season....