Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thank You, my dear Bihari…

I want to extend my thanks to fellow Indians in Bihar, who in unequivocal measure voted for NDA government rejecting some formidable forces in the form of Media insinuations, below the belt punches from Rahul Baba, Manmohan, Italian Maatha. Not to be outdone Lalu played his part. Even going to the extent of appealing to public by openly apologizing for his mis-rule, in addition to the usual religious appeasement tactics.

The average Bihari has clearly seen through this charade and has opted for development. This shows that public at large want development and whoever is willing to provide it gets the vote ! Yet this simple logic somehow failed to impress the English media in India.

They were obsessed with the following:
• Biharis are too casteist
• Muslims, will vote against anyone with the BJP
• Rahul Gandhi factor (the most comical one of all)
• Naxals will lock up several constituencies and
not allow the people to vote.

Boy, I hope that all the political pundits in the anglo media are licking heir wounds now! The Bihari has delivered a chappal slap on their faces. Consider this…
• Irrespective of caste combinations NDA has won in
approximately 207 out of 244 seats
• Robbery Devi herself lost in both the seats.
• Rahul Gandhi factor has clearly established the real hold
of the party (or just one family) has in Bihar. When there
are no sycophants it is hard for the fake Gandhi family to
have an aura. It has been proven in UP, Gujarat and now
in Bihar. Congress lost its deposit in many constituencies..
• People came out and boy did they deliver a message to
all the “Intellectuals” who had predicted the momentum
in favor of the naxals how they will dictate terms etc.
Women in particular delivered a pointed message by
outnumbering Men.

It is all very obvious for all to know what factors influenced the vote, development, reduction of crime and general safety for the public. Well, take a guess as to what the media is saying now.

• Realignment of caste forces
• Narendra Modi being kept out of campaigning
• Bihari wanted status quo
• They have totally forgotten that they did day long
specials on “Rahul Gandhi Factor” never even once
calling him in fact to ask him how come it totally failed..

Well, on to the next breaking news….. "How the celebrations are very communal", the video they showed had NDA supporters shouting “Bharat Maata Ke Jai”, for the media this is communal. What do they expect? Shout “Pakistan ki Jai ho” to be secular ?

Thank you my dear Bihari, you have given me hope…

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Great Day for Indian Women….

If you observe the Indian Media yesterday and today… you will notice that
• Indian women have broken through the glass ceiling
• Scaled greater heights in the society
• Have been elected to the highest political offices in the nation
• Sky is the limit for them
If you wonder as to what happened? Did we not have women PMs and CMs and even Prathibha Patil was elected more than a year ago? We even have a foreign woman as SuperPrimeMinister. Women’s bill was passed in the Rajya Sabha Months ago? What happened now that is *so uplifting for women*?

Anxious? Well all these monumental achievements happened because some “Nikki Haley” was elected as governor of South Carolina in USA! Surprised, tearing your hair out as to how that is uplifting to Indian women? Well become a believer, this NRI/PIO’s accomplishment is a role model for Indian women, how they have broken through barriers etc… blah, blah, blah etc.

It is a shame, that the anglo media in India is shamelessly licking the feet of western societies. What is good for the west must be good for all. Whether it is sex education for kinder gardeners or social service as curriculum, no exams, live ins, break-ups, link-ups, dating – you name it, if it is there in the west It must be good for India to have it too…

Of course, their obsession has secular limitations. E.g. a Nikki Haley or Barack Hussain Obama had to prove their Christian credentials to be successful in their campaigns. Why they had to do that, repeatedly? Would they have been accepted if they had proudly campaigned on their origins? These are not questions that the Indian media slaves, will ask of their masters to introspect and answer. They certainly will not ask Indian Politicos to (re)affirm their religious credentials (except the minority kind) to able to mount a successful campaign, despite all illiteracy etc. how it is not needed in India is an aspect they will happily gloss over….

Hell, women in India have been liberated lifted to greater heights because of Nikkki Haley; let us leave it at that, shall we?