Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Caeser’s wife, or Sonia's lapdog ?

Clean and Honest, Really ?

Recently, there is a lot of media hype on how our PM, Manmohan Singh, is an honourable man. There are lot of drumbeats, how this “innocent” man is being unnecessarily maligned the opposition. How his integrity is beyond doubt. How he is Caeser’s wife etc., ad nauseum. You will really puke if you watch the media today about this.

It is shocking that none of the “intellectuals” who run the media in India have asked the question, “Is he really Clean and Honest ?”. I am a lay man who watches reports by the same media on the various acts of corruption by the Italian Maatha and am shocked as to how much of a “willing accomplice” our “clean and honest” PM has been! Yes, folks Manmohan has willingly participated in enabling corruption by the first family of the congress. Let us look at them case by case.

1. CWG: We all know the public loot that happened, case after case the OC escalated costs and our Cabinet headed by the PM simply signed the cheque. Yes, folks verify this fact. This has led to the cockiness of Suresh Kalmadi that “nothing will happen to me, because the PM signed the cheque”. It is shocking to believe that a “Clean and honest” & economist PM will simply not ask the question why does it cost Rs.600 crores to renovate a stadium, when the cost to build a new one is only Rs.100 crore? Similarly, the cabinet secretary was made in charge of restoring order to the CWG and soon after the games were complete, he is no longer the authority. It is back to Kalmadi! No wonder, files are going missing day after day in deal after deal. Imagine, the hurry shown to remove CWG OC from the ambit of the PM’s office. This has been done deliberately, so that Kalmadi will be in charge of the committee when it comes to “assisting” the agencies conducting the probe. Clean and Honest ?
2. CVC: We all know the snafu that has happened with the Central Vigilance Commission. This is superintending body with monitoring power over the CBI. Now there were three names finalized by the committe, which were sent to the selection panel, two were men of impeccable integrity. The third was Thomas, who has a criminal case pending against him. Worse, as telecom secretary, he questioned the jurisdiction of CAG to enquire into the 2G scam and fought it tooth and nail. Now if such a person, is appointed as CVC how can we expect him to be objective in probing issues related to himself? When the leader of opposition pointed this out, she was bluntly told by our “clean and honest” PM, “You can give a dissenting note, we are going ahead with him”. Yes, Sushma Swaraj has mentioned it several times, even in a live telecast of her rally in Delhi this was mentioned by her. Now we have to believe that “clean and honest” PM intended Mr. Thomas to become “born again” and rededicate himself to investigating corruption, after being corrupt and party to huge corruption all his life!
3. 2G: This is the most glaring of all. PM himself points out the potential for illegality and writes to Raja asking him to stop and refer things to the cabinet. Finance and Law ministries object. Raja then says hell with you and goes ahead. With certain firms having DDs ready for Rs. 1600 crores and delivered from banks based in Mumbai at Delhi, within minutes of the announcement. Some employing goons to muscle other firms from coming in with bank guarantees. When this is asked about, our “Clean and Honest” PM replies “I asked Raja, he has assured me that everything is clean”! Shocking, from now onwards we should dispense with all forums of justice, just simply ask the criminals as to whether they did the crime and based on their word prosecute them or release them. Yet, nobody in the NDTV brigade feels compelled to ask all this. You know why after watching all the Radia phone conversations. Even after Raja has resigned, PM meets him pats him on the back reassuring him in various public forums. When asked about all this he displays righteous indignation and says ‘I am ready for investigation by the PAC (alone)” and the media is now falling at his feet. PAC is a body that only audits accounts submitted and has limited powers to expand its ambit. It is like an accused saying, "I will appear only if my case is prosecuted by this judge, with this public prosecutor and this list as jurors." Would we accept this, yet our media slaves call this as “PM’s masterstroke” to establish his “Clean and Honest” nature.

It is wrong to adopt “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy to corruption. If he clearly knew what was going on, then what stopped him from taking action earlier on CWG, stop Thomas from becoming CVC and remove Raja from the telecom ministry. He needs to answer only these questions. He is determined to hide the Italian Maatha who is behind all this corruption. If he is clean and honest then it is only in meeting his commitment to Sonia Maino and no to the nation. Since, for the opposition to ask this question and demand official explanation is possible only through the JPC the government is determined to hide things by resisting it and worse our PM’s media perceived “Clean and Honest” faced is being exploited.

When we all can agree with a PIMP who says “I just ran the brothel, I never prostituted myself” as valid defence against prosecution for prostitution, then we can agree with Manmohan on how “clean and honest” he has been as a defence against corruption. Till then the opposition has every right to continue to stall parliament and agitate taking to the streets if necessary.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Once in a while….

Good things do happen, when they do they deserve as much of a pat on the back as the rigorous finger pointing we do when things go wrong. Recently, our PM and government felt tingling in their back and discovered that it is because they have a spine!

I am talking about “enough is enough” approach the policy makers adopted vis-à-vis China. This nation is behaving is a huge kid on a mega dose of steroids. Of late, it is has been pin pricking and provoking India in a variety of a ways on a whole range of issues. It has stepped up drumbeats that Kashmir in India is unique and people from that region of India will be given separately stapled VISA which will be different from Indians.

If you think about, it is a very provocative move with almost de-facto recognition that Kashmir is not Indian. Our government tried its usual appeasement policy.

Finally, they reacted to the tingling in the back and did the following:
1. Issued a warning to China that Kashmir as much an Indian territory as Tibet is Chinese
2. Ordered our Ambassador to attend the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, openly daring China.

That is it, within 48 hrs. China issued statements that it will no longer adopt a separate VISA policy for residents of Kashmir and issued a statement about putting all such issues behind and looking for co-operation. As far as I can recall, it is probably the only time we made China taste its own medicine…

It is not often, I get to thank our government, but is really such a rare occasion…..

Monday, December 6, 2010

Wrong Role Model

Presently, there are lot of scams that are out so media has a field day with constant “breaking news” saying person XYZ may resign in 48 hrs etc. Even if that “breaking news” runs for more than a week it is still breaking news for the media. One disturbing aspect of all the scams are that the source of the corruption is the Italian Maatha of Congress, who has been pretty busy behind the “clean and honest” façade of our PM.

We all have heard the CWG scam, how the media has been running constant breaking news on that. Kalmadi has point blank stated that he will not resign any of his positions and indeed he hasn’t! He has time and again stated that the whole organizing committee took all the decisions. This masterstroke has stopped the congress dead on its tracks, guess who is a member of this committee, who has cleverly kept out of the public eye – Yuvarajaa Rahul Gandhi of course….

Everyone screams that Prathibha Patil is unfit to be president as there is a murder case pending against her husband/brother in which they murdered a rival congress leader in maharashtra. Still she is appointed president, with her making it absolutely clear that she will be completely faithful to Sonia.

We all know the 2G scam. A new low (or high, pun intended) is established in corruption in governance. Manmohan reallocates the portfolio to him again in UPA2, when journalists ask him, why is RAJA continuing the clean and honest man’s reply is “I have asked him about, he has told me that he is innocent”. Imagine, in a control freak setup that the Italian Maatha has, where in every CM has to obtain permission from Delhi to go to the bathroom every day, we have to believe that Raja had the guts to ignore PM, FM and law ministers’ advice and acted on his “own” without any political backing from a higher up. Also, it is the DMK which needs the congress and not the other way around.

The blatant move to appoint PJ Thomas as the CVC has really blown the lid of this corrupt Maatha and Yuvaraajaa. He is an accused in a criminal case, as well as doing all the work for Raja in the 2G scam. Now he as CVC he has to investigate himself in the SCAM. Pathetic !

By admission of the congress party that PM’s integrity is a role model for us to follow and unimpeachable, going by their pretensions, the only 2G Manmohan knows is SoniaG and RahulG -- OK let us take them at their word, but who then overpowered Manmohan in the congress hierarchy. It must be one of the fake Gandhis….

It is time that the fake Gandhis followed the real Gandhi, but their role model is Silvio Berlusconi (Italian PM) and he truly must be proud of their achievements….