Monday, May 21, 2012

3 Idiots still haunted by Ghosts of Godhra...

Well, a survey was published by ABP-AC Nielsen which found that people feel Narendra Modi is the best leader, shoulders above MMS and the Italians... Well, expect "Hang Modi week or Month" from the media now... Prepare yourselves for that onslaught... My fictional account of how the "debate" will go...

3IDIOTS: (Burqa, Rajeep, Arnab) Will Modi be able to get away from the "Ghost of Godhra"

SIT team member: But we found no evidence to inplicate anyone including Modi.

3 IDIOTS: But will the ghosts go away.... Sanjiv bhat has provided enough evidence

SIT: We found no evidence, he has lied repeatedly, gotten fake diaries registered through a compliant DGP, etc....

3 IDIOTS: But will the ghosts away.... Zahira Shaikh has given tons of evidence to Teesta

Audience: Ahem, but wasn't she declared a "Pathological Liar" by the SC, wasn't Teesta faulted for coaching folks and giving fake affidavits ?

3 IDIOTS: But will the ghosts go away, tens of thousands of folks were massacred in that pogrom.

Audience: But didn't the congress minister replied in LS that only around 1500 folks died and almost 700 of them were hindus....

3 IDIOTS: But will the ghosts go away... untill justice is done....

Ghosts in the Audience: Hi, we are the ghosts, from prior riots in Gujarat, Nellie Massacre, Sikh Massacre etc... where is the justice for us... ? The ghosts from the present cases under Modi, have all left as justice was done & convictions happened. Do you know when we can go away.. ?

3 IDIOTS: There you have it, we have some ghosts confirming in exclusive footage, that lacking justice they will continue to haunt us..... The Ghosts still continue to haunt Modi and the nation.... blah blah... blah....

God help us all....

Monday, May 7, 2012

Lies, Damn Lies & Anglo Media reports in India

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics is the common phrase that is used to describe how people twist things to fit their own wishes or perception. The Indian media’s façade has come crashing down with the latest reporting on the “Amicus Curae’s recommendation to prosecute Modi”. There were reports/debates on Modi’s prosecution, with the routine spin doctors from the congress pronouncing death sentences etc… I for one being logical actually read the full report (available for, thanks to the internet we are no longer dependent on the news channels) and am actually scratching hard to find any paragraph, sentence or even a word where in amicus has recommended prosecution.

Only thing I could see, is the amicus falling into the trap of “secularists appeasement” and recommending that lacking proof that Sanjiv Bhat was there at a particular meeting (though his claim that he attended a second subsequent meeting the next day was proved to be lie – yes proved to be a lie), his claim should be further investigated by interrogating every other officer in that meeting. That is it, which was nicely summarized for all of us by my friend S Ravikumar, “Police can now arrest anyone for a murder at a particular place saying – though there is no proof that you were at the murder site, you can’t prove that you were somewhere else”. In normal criminal jurisprudence the investigating officer him/her self will throw out this evidence. Yet due to secularist appeasement this comedy is being played out.

Amicus’s recommendation for further investigation is reported as “prosecution” by the media. Thank god, we have courts in this country… I have cut and pasted relevant paragraphs on this issue from the actual report, please read it in full to understand it. Avoid news channels, as the anchors haven’t read the report at all…

6. The most important allegation in the complaint, which is required to be considered in detail by this Hon'ble Court, is the allegation made against the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Narendra Modi. It is alleged that, in a high-level meeting held at about 11.00 P.M. on 27.02.2002 at Mr. Narendra Modi's residence, illegal instructions were issued to senior police officers and bureaucrats "not to deal with the Hindu rioting mobs". It is also alleged that the Chief Minister had influenced the police at the time of the riots, as two of his cabinet colleagues were placed in the State Police Control Room and the Ahmedabad City Police Control Room respectively on 28.02.2002.

7. The SIT, in its Preliminary Report dated 12.05.2010, concluded that there was no reliable material available to prove that Shri Narendra Modi had issued any instruction to the officers on 27.02.2002 to the effect that Hindus should be permitted to vent their anger. The said conclusion has been endorsed by the Chairman, SIT in his comments dated 14.05.2010.

8. In my note submitted to this Hon'ble Court on 20.01.2011, it was pointed out that there were a number of circumstances which required a more detailed investigation to determine if, indeed, such a instruction had been given by Shri Modi or not. It was suggested that a further investigation should be conducted under Section 173 (8) Cr.P.C. in the pending Gulberg Society and/or Naroda Patiya cases and the statement of Shri Sanjiv Bhatt, DIG, the then Deputy Commissioner (Intelligence) should be recorded. (The said note also indicated the aspects on which the SIT’s Preliminary Report dated 12.05.2010 could be accepted.)

Isn’t it strange that amicus actually starts with by agreeing with SIT’s conclusion not to proceed further with believing in Sanjiv Bhat !! I bet you didn’t read about this in the media.

13. The Further Investigation Report and the remarks of the Chairman of SIT find that a meeting was indeed held at the residence of the Chief Minister, Shri Modi, on the night of 27.02.2002 at around 11:00 P.M. in which senior bureaucrats and senior police officials were present. The report concludes that the claim made by Shri Sanjiv Bhatt, the then Deputy Commissioner of Police (Intelligence) that he was present at the said meeting was incorrect. It further concludes that no statement was made by the Chief Minister, Shri Modi in the said meeting, as alleged by the complainant, and no illegal instruction was issued by Shri Modi to the effect that Hindus should be permitted to vent their anger. It may be mentioned that Shri Sanjiv Bhatt, who is a serving officer in the IPS cadre of the State of Gujarat, had stated in his statement given to the SIT under Section 161 Cr.P.C. that he was present in the said meeting on 27.02.2002 and the Chief Minister had made such statement, as alleged by the Complainant.

14. It was also concluded by the SIT in its Further Investigation Report that the 2 ministers, who were posted at the State Police Control Room and Ahmedabad City Police Control Room, did not in any manner influence the working of the police officers at the time of the riots and, therefore, it cannot be concluded that these Ministers were posted with a view to carrying out the alleged illegal instruction of Shri Modi.

The above are by amicus curae also checkpointing the stance of SIT on specific incidents, yet he goes on later that we have to investigate the claims of sanjiv bhat further. Usually, such an investigation is to first establish the fact and then proceed with it as evidence (with corroboration) again in proper jurisprudence. But then we are dealing with the Media Kangaroo Court with the 3 Idiots as judges (Arnab, Rajdeep and Burqa), so we can conveniently dispense with them…

The below sections are astonishing and indicate that Amicus Curae is clearly appeasing the secularists… he himself discredits Sanjiv Bhat but goes on to say that we can’t ignore his testimony…

20. The most vital material, supporting the allegation made by the Petitioner against Shri Modi, is the statement of Shri Sanjiv Bhatt, the then DCP (Intelligence). The SIT has concluded that his version is not believable for various reasons, inter alia that (a) the other senior officers present in the said meeting have not supported his statement, (b) his silence for more than 9 years without any proper explanation appears to be suspicious, (c) a number of departmental and criminal proceedings have been instituted by the Government and hence, Shri Bhatt has an axe to grind with the Government of Gujarat. Therefore, the SIT opines that his statement is motivated and cannot be relied upon. The SIT also points out discrepancies in Shri Bhatt’s versions about the exact language said to have been used by the Chief Minister. The SIT also discredits Shri Bhatt by pointing out that his version about a subsequent meeting at the Chief Minister’s residence on 28.02.2002 at about 10:30 hours cannot be believed because his mobile phone records show that he was at Ahmedabad at 10:57 A.M., and therefore could not have reached Gandhinagar before 11:30 A.M.

21. The SIT has further pointed out that Shri Bhatt has tried to tutor witnesses (Shri Tarachand Yadav and Shri K.D. Panth) to support his version. I have also received a copy of a letter (marked confidential) dated 22.06.2011 from the Under Secretary, Home Department to the Chairman, SIT. In the said letter, the Government of Gujarat has stated that it has “retrieved” several emails of Shri Sanjiv Bhatt (I am not commenting on the legality of such “retrieval”). According to the Government of Gujarat:

“It leaves no room for doubt that it is a systematic and larger conspiracy, through Shri Sanjiv Bhatt, involving top leaders of Congress Party in Gujarat, vested interest groups surviving on anti-Gujarat campaign and electronic and print media reporters all of whom have started final efforts to keep the Godhra riot issue live based on concocted facts and Shri Sanjiv Bhatt, through all of them, is trying to build up a story at a stage when after almost 10 long years the Hon’ble Supreme Court has virtually concluded the judicial proceedings after undertaking tremendous judicial exercise as elaborately pointed out in the affidavit of the State Government.”

22. I am conscious of the fact that though Shri Bhatt has been contending that he would speak only when under a legal obligation to do so, his conduct after making his statement under Section 161 Cr.P.C. has not been that of a detached police officer who is content with giving his version. I am left with no doubt that he is actively “strategizing”, and is in touch with those who would benefit or gain mileage from his testimony. But these factors, in my view, cannot be grounds for ignoring his statement at this stage.

After, reading the full report I am astonished at the media reports… If anything, more than any communal politician, it is the media that needs to be brought under a regulator and punished for such falsure…

Again, please you need not even rely on this post --  read the full text for yourselves and spread awareness. We already can’t depend on our government to provide reliable transportation, electricity, water and the basics we spend and cover those bets ourselves. Now it appears, we can’t depend on our media to do investigative reporting with some intelligence – we have to do it ourselves too….

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Maami Chronicles – Part 5

சன் டீவில சொன்னாண்டா... SUNTV said so…

Maami Chronicles – Part 5

I have been observing and writing about how to be in the good books of Maamis etc. Finally, I nailed the strategy to win them over completely. Yes, you have to get on SUNTV somehow, either as an anchor, show up in an ad, or at least a clapping scene in some program should be seen by Maamis. That is it, this is your holy grail to redemption, all your sins will be forgotten. Even in the next wedding you can bet that Maami will proudly introducing you as “Yes, she is the one who is the 15th from left in the 20th row from the front seen clapping in that episode of ORU KODI R U READY ?”. You will piss of lot of fellow youngsters, but hey your target is achieved you will be the darling of all Maamis… Mission accomplished.

It all started in my household, when during election campaign a video of Captain (vijayakanth) slapping a candidate was shown on SUN TV. That is it, my mom shows up with a serious concern on her face “Vijayakanth, Jayalalitha are beating up everybody who are not listening to them, they are arrogant and TN is shocked at this”. I was completely taken aback at this dawning of wisdom, and explained to her that it was one off incident. No சன் டீவில சொன்னாண்டா was the immediate reply.

Next, happened when during traditional Tamil New year, she asked “Will we celebrate New Year ?”. I was shocked again when probed the answer was சன் டீவில சொன்னாண்டா – from now onwards it is chithirai thirunaal only.. Yes, unbelievable, the hold that this tv channel on maamis through its serials is something…. I doubt whether any other channel has this kind of total ownership of thought, heart and actions of elderly folks. Even now, she will suddenly say “Jayalalitha after re-election will stop gas supply and electric supply to public for voting for MuKoo”. I take pains to articulate the situation - how the state was bankrupt and she is trying her best to revive it etc. and even show the Thuglak function video etc. for 30 mins. In the end she will just shrug and say but சன் டீவில சொன்னாண்டா

That day is not that far off, when due to this pressure – folks will indulge in abuse of women, polygamy, total depression (all resulting in modelling after the serial queens and kings) and also due to relentless drilling down into your brain with சன் டீவில சொன்னாண்டா

A scary thought indeed….